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The electronics manufacturing industry has high requirements on the timeliness of supply chain management due to the large number of SKUs. With a wide global delivery network, we handle hundreds of thousands of electronic components every day across 155 locations and overseas central warehouses around the world, providing you, your suppliers, and partners with the most direct local services and more convenient and considerate storage and transportation solutions.

  • PO management
  • Global customs and trade compliance
Success case
  • Customers

    Well-known electronics manufacturing company with production all over the world

  • Pain points/needs

    The customers has thousands of suppliers all over the world, and global delivery is a challenge given the distribution of suppliers and complexity of global trade compliance.

  • JUSDA solutions

    JUSDA has set up consolidation centers in major countries and regions, enabling domestic and foreign suppliers to consolidate the requirements of various manufacturing factories and deliver goods to the nearest location, thereby realizing "one place delivery, global supply".

    Leveraging JUSDA's global transportation network, trade compliance, and customs capabilities, our solutions are provided suppliers with one-stop order management, inventory management and delivery services, seamlessly connects with the VMI of factories in different locations, and realize JIT productivity.

    JusLink utilizes the data from different operating systems to provide a panoramic view of global inventory and creates a real-time visual  supply chain service experience.

  • Customer benefits

    Single window docking

    Effective communication

    One-stop considerate services

    High-quality experience

    Trade compliance management

    Worry-free process

    Panoramic view

    Complete control

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